NEWS Shopper has received reports of a "spectacular" car crash in Anerley Road, Penge.

The crash is said to have taken place at around 10pm last night, and involved a red Volkswagen Beetle.

The car skidded down the road and came to stop outside the house of Stuart Flood.

The 52-year-old told News Shopper: "I heard a spectacular crashing sound. It sounded like two lorries smashing into each other.

"It was a crashing sound but it didn't just stop. It continued as the car went skidding down the road.

"I leapt up from my desk and chair and looked out of the living room window.

"The car was lying there on its back.

"A couple of lads pulled the driver out of the passenger seat window.

"All he had was grazed knuckles and a small cut on his shin.

Mr Flood added: "The road surface looked like someone had dumped bucket loads of broken glass all over it.

"There wasn't a glass section of the VW that wasn't shattered."

"Three or four dozen people were standing around, it was like a street party."

Three fire engines, an ambulance and as many as four police cars are said to have attended the scene.

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