A PACK of foxes caused more than £1,700 of damage to a van during a repeated attack in Bexleyheath.

Father-of-two Toby Lewis feared he was a victim of metal thieves after his VW Transporter was targeted on consecutive nights.

The metal cutter installed a protective cage underneath his van and took matters into his own hands by staying up until 1am on Wednesday (June 26) to catch the culprits red handed.

Mr Lewis, of Pembury Road, said: “I was looking out of the window and all of a sudden I saw three foxes strolling down the road, I couldn’t believe my eyes. One of them went under the van and then came back out.

“They had been chewing my wires. I don’t know why they went for my van. There was another VW parked in front of it.

The 43-year-old added: “You fear the worst. Have I upset someone on the road? I thought I was being targeted for the catalytic convertor – it’s worth £400 or £500.”

The foxes had chewed the wires to the anti-lock braking system and traxion control during the first incident on Wednesday, June 19.

The following morning Mr Lewis took his van to the garage to be fixed which cost £1,380. Just hours later, despite parking in a next door neighbour’s drive, the foxes returned to chew their way through wires next to the engine and inflict another £380 worth of damage.

Fed up Mr Lewis said: “It’s cost me a lot and put me through a lot of stress.

I’ve put the chicken wire underneath the van but I’m not sure I can keep it there because it might to get through its MOT.”