HIS only crime was to fall in love! Whatever you might think about teacher Jeremy Forrest surely we can all agree he’s been treated ridiculously harshly.

How can he possibly be given the same amount of jail time as some rapists? And, how on earth can he get five-and-a-half years when Stuart Hall gets 15 months?

Hall admitted indecently assaulting 13 girls. His youngest victim was just nine. When you think of the physical and psychological abuse meted out by pervert Hall, you realise Forrest isn’t even in his league.

Jeremy Forrest didn’t hurt anyone. And before anyone starts bleating on about an abuse of trust, using his position etc, I get all of that.

But, there are always two sides to every story and who really knows where the fault lies?

Perhaps the judge felt vindictive and thought to himself: “Five years, they’ll never get back together after that”.

Perhaps he felt some sort of sympathy for the girl’s mum. Though in my eyes she hasn’t covered herself in glory with either her actions or her statements.

Dad said he was ready to shake Jeremy’s hand and welcome him to the family.

I wonder how many of the dads of Hall’s victims would readily extend the same courtesy?

No-one can condone Jeremy’s actions, no-one would suggest teachers can start carrying on with under-age students, but five-and-a-half years for what he’s done is completely ludicrous.

His career is already shot and he’s not going to be a danger to anyone else, so where’s the justice?

It’ll be interesting to see if her dad ever walks her down the aisle and passes her arm to Jeremy.

What do you think of the jail sentence given to Jeremy Forrest? Was it deserved? Shoould he have been convicted of child abduction? Add your comments below and vote in our poll.