My husband Dean Stokes is running the Dartford half-marathon on Sunday, July 14 for a charity named Re-Instate.

Dean and his employer, Musgrave, have been working with the charity over the last year.

Re-Instate aims to improve the lives of adults with ongoing and enduring mental health needs, providing a sheltered workshop in Erith, where individuals are supported and encouraged to reach their potential through work.

Opportunities are also sought away from the workshop to carry out relevant work experience and Dean and Re-Instate have been successful in placing a trainee at Musgraves in Thamesmead for a year-long apprentice role within Dean's team.

The guys at Re-Instate would love a uniform to promote a sense of belonging and teaming. Dean has pledged to raise the funds to get them their uniform and is running the Dartford half-marathon to do this.

The trainees from Re-Instate will be taking part in the fun run around the track at Central Park on the day and will be cheering Dean on.

Based on information supplied by Nicola Stokes.