ALMOST 100 crimes in Dartford were committed using weapons in the past year, News Shopper can reveal.

The campaigning mother of Sidcup knife victim Rob Knox says she is not surprised by the figure, obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

Since her son’s tragic death in 2008, Sally Knox has been going into secondary schools across Gravesham, Dartford and south-east London to educate children on the dangers of knife crime.

She told News Shopper: “From working on the ground with young people it does not surprise me at all, to be quite honest.

“I always say to the kids, 'put your hand up if you know someone who carries a knife'.

“And whatever area, whatever school, be it boys or girls, in what can be perceived a good area, at least 50 per cent of them would put their hand up.

“So this figure doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s quite upsetting.”

Mrs Knox, 55, taught more than 3,000 children aged 12 to 15 last year through her school visits and the Rob Knox Foundation.

She said: “What I try to get across is to change this culture of ‘it’s ok to carry to a weapon to protect yourself’ – they don’t.

“I tell them there is a 60 per cent chance of anyone carrying a knife that they will wounded with their own knife."

Figures obtained through a FoI request from Kent Police show a total of 95 crimes were committed In Dartford using weapons between April 1 2012 and March 31 2013.

During the same period 137 weapons were seized from the town, including 67 knives and 23 firearms.

In February Kevin McKinley was shot dead in Overy Street, Dartford.

Michaela Sergeant, 24, and Lewis Wickenden, 25, are due to go on trial in connection with the father-of-three's murder.

Harry Potter actor Rob was just 18 years old when he was murdered outside the Metro Bar in Station Road, Sidcup, in May 2008.

Mrs Knox added: “It’s a real uphill battle but I can’t give up.”

Dartford district commander Roscoe Walford said: "Kent Police takes the use of weapons extremely seriously and have strict guidelines in place for dealing with such incidents.

"We have held amnesties to reduce the number of weapons available and work closely with schools and communities to educate them on the issue.

"It is important to note that every weapon seized is a weapon that is no longer on the streets or can be used in a crime.

"Dartford is a safe place to live and we will take strong and positive action against anyone found carrying weapons, no matter what their age, and the message to those who do decide to arm themselves is clear - you will end up in court.

"Education is key to further reduction and we shall continue to work with other agencies to get the message across that carrying weapons is unlawful.

"We urge anybody with any information about someone carrying a weapon to contact us on 101 or on 999 if it is an emergency or a crime is in progress."