AN EX-BOXER from Bromley is refusing to be beaten by crooks with a taste for bacon.

Since Danny Day started his animal sanctuary in January last year he says the premises has been targeted by thieves and vandals about 15 times.

And in the most recent attack he almost lost his four piglets and his 30 stone boar, named Bacon, was injured after defending the youngsters.

Mr Day, of Avondale Road, says he thinks the criminals jumped over the sanctuary’s fence and hit Bacon’s legs with a shovel when he went for them.

The 50-year-old said: “I’m an ex-boxer and it has just made me more determined.

“I don’t like being beaten and I won’t be beaten now.

“We will just carry on.

“The sanctuary has been built for animals that need help and the picnic areas are there for people to enjoy looking at the animals.

“What’s the reason for people breaking in to try and ruin what we are trying to achieve?”

News Shopper: Pig named Bacon wards off animal sanctuary crooks in Knockholt

The break-in at Jodeen Animal Sanctuary, Sevenoaks Road, Knockholt, last Monday (June 3) was followed two days later by thieves stealing the sign on the front gate.

Mr Day called the police about both incidents and is offering a £150 reward for anyone with information about the culprits.

Call Kent Police on 101 or email with any information.

As well as the pigs, on the site there are ponies, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks and Mr Day is trying to get some alpacas.

And anyone willing to volunteer at the sanctuary can contact him on the email address above.