A GRIEVING family was left "outraged" after watching a traffic warden slap a parking ticket on their funeral limousine.

Around 40 people watched in disbelief on June 6 as the female warden issued the fine outside St Saviours Church, in Lewisham High Street, as the family got out of the car.

The hearse and body of the 85-year-old man who had passed away were right behind the car – which had been parked for nine minutes to let the family out.

Nicki Dunphy, of Brockley-based William Dunphy - Funeral Director Ltd, told News Shopper: "Everyone is outraged.

"She brazenly put the ticket on the car when the family hadn’t even gone into the church.

"We, and other funeral directors, have to stop to unload coffins and to let grieving families exit the cars.

"There are funerals every week at St Saviours Church and dozens of other churches all over the borough and I've never heard of this happening before.

"People expect a bit of respect.

"This isn’t just a public car."

She added: "This is the third funeral I have done for this family in a year.

"It is just really sad for them."

The family, parishioners and even a passing bus driver tried to reason with the ticket warden, but to no avail.

Lewisham Council has since apologised for the distress caused and confirmed funeral hearses and Limousines are exempt from parking restrictions in the borough.

Ms Dunphy, 43, who lives in Southwark said: "There were dozens of people shouting at her.

"She said, ‘I am doing my job’.

"It was as if it was her against the world."

Ms Dunphy went on to say she was pleased the ticket has been withdrawn.

A Lewisham Council spokeswoman said: “We apologise for any distress the issuing of this parking ticket has caused.

“Funeral hearses and limousines are exempt from parking restrictions and the Penalty Charge Notice should not have been issued. It has now been withdrawn.”