A WOOLWICH demonstration by the BNP over the death of soldier Lee Rigby has moved to central London after police banned the original event.

Members had planned to meet near Woolwich Barracks where the soldier died, before moving on to Lewisham Islamic Centre.

But yesterday the Met Police ordered that the march should move to central London and could not take place in Woolwich, saying anybody taking part in the area could be arrested.

Leader Nick Griffin initially threatened to defy the ban but has now announced his supporters will meet near Westminster instead.

A counter protest by Unite Against Fascism, which had been due to meet at midday in General Gordon Square, will also now move to Downing Street.

Asked if Mr Griffin might still come to Woolwich, Simon Darby from the BNP said: "If you know Nick like I know Nick, you wouldn't rule against it."

Lewisham NUT had planned to meet at the Islamic centre but have now also cancelled their event.

Secretary Martin Powell-Davies said: "Lewisham NUT understands that there is likely to be a counter-protest against the BNP/EDL march in Central London that those that were intending to rally in Lewisham may wish to attend.

"However, Lewisham NUT and other Lewisham trade unionists will also be monitoring events locally tomorrow in case of any attempts to threaten the Islamic Centre in spite of the police ban.

"We hope that all those that have come together to oppose the BNP’s attempts to build support after the horrific murder of Lee Rigby will maintain the links that we have built, strengthen our community ties, and work together to campaign for schools, homes and jobs for all, not racism."