THE head of a nationalist organisation from Swanley has launched a manhunt for radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary.

Paul Golding, former BNP councillor for Swanley and now chairman of right-wing Britain First, posted a video vowing to “arrest” the leader of Al-Muhajiroun if the Met Police don’t.

He demanded officers investigating the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich detained the hate preacher by 6pm yesterday (May 29) - or Britain First activists will seize him.

Choudary has claimed a “crusade” against Islam by the Government was turning young British Muslims into potential terrorists.

It is believed he and his family fled his home in north-east London yesterday (May 29) which was guarded by police amid unconfirmed reports of threats to Choudary.

Mr Golding said in the video posted on Britain First’s website last weekend: “We will go and arrest that b****** and take him off the streets and hand him into a local police station.

“If the police won’t do their job then we will damn well will. They’ve got ‘til Wednesday (May 30) to get their act together and if they don’t we will take the law into our own hands and we will do it ourselves.”

Hate preacher Choudary said in a statement yesterday (May 29): "By ignoring the link between what took place in Woolwich, by blaming Muslims, by trying to silence voices who oppose him and by justifying his rotten foreign policy, David Cameron has foolishly and inadvertently become the biggest radicalising tool for Muslim youth both in the UK and abroad.”

Now Britain First, launched in June 2011, have issued a warrant for his arrest and appealing for any information on Choudary’s whereabouts.

Earlier this year Mr Golding was planning a protest outside the North West Kent mosque in Crayford through another right wing organisation called the English National Resistance.