VOLUNTEERS at an Orpington foodbank that provides for 70 people a week say they are being kicked out by the council.

Bromley Council says there is money to be made from renting the space in Cotmandene Crescent, St Paul's Cray, to retail businesses.

Run by around 15 volunteers, the foodbank currently has good bus links allowing easy transportation of food, especially for large families.

But the council wants to move it to Ranmore Path in St Mary Cray which, according to volunteers, is nowhere near as accessible.

Reverend Norman Dix, 67, of Plantation Drive, Orpington, is pastor at Oak Community Church, St Paul's Cray, and helps run the foodbank.

He said: "We are very depressed. The new location is much more difficult to get to for people who have real need.

"There is a bus stop but it is quite far away.

"Trying to carry food for a family of five for example is very difficult.

"The convenience of the location is important considering how many people we are helping."

The foodbank was previously located in the Ranmore Path address when it burned down last year.

Now the property has been restored the council wants it moved back.

But Reverend Dix argued that, at a time when there is an increased in demand for foodbanks, the council should not be doing this.

He said: "We are feeding on average 70 people a week with 5 days of non-perishable food. We fed up to 100 people in lead up to Christmas.

"Food comes from local churches in Orpington, from local schools from their harvest. One old man comes in every two weeks with £5 of food.

"We are doing what we can to take pressure off the council, so you'd hope they'd help us."

Bromley borough foodbank is run by the Trussell Trust, which runs 300 foodbanks across the country.

A council spokesperson said: "We are currently investigating this issue further and will respond to the foodbank as soon as possible."