A BEXLEY beauty spot has been ruined by a council blunder, says a “gobsmacked” resident.

Bexley Council agreed to install new gates outside the entrance to Bexley Park Wood in Murchison Avenue after complaints about trial bikers using it.

But the workforce appears to have put them in the wrong place and have left a mess in their wake.

The mix-up has left mothers and toddlers who regularly use the park struggling to get in and demanding answers.

Jan Durmush, 56, of Shirley Avenue, said: “I am absolutely gobsmacked at the incompetence of whoever is working on the new access gates.

“The result is an absolute disaster. The only people it is going to stop is disabled and parents with buggies.

“I watched as a family of three struggled to get through the gate with a buggy, whilst an adult on a bike managed with ease. So much for stopping trial bikes.

“If gates are needed why couldn't they put in ones that are easier to negotiate. I thought we were supposed to be an inclusive society? How could anybody in a wheelchair or disability scooter access the park now?”

The new green gates have been put up in their correct place but Mrs Durmush says they can be easily removed as the hinges are not sealed.

The mother of three added: “This is such a waste of taxpayers’ money. Apart from the fact that it is totally unnecessary, they could at least get the job done right in the first place.”

A Bexley Council spokeswoman said the work is scheduled to be finished by the end of next week. (June 7) She said: “We are sorry for any concern or inconvenience which may have been caused to residents by these works.

“Once these are finished, the area will be greatly improved.

“The gates are secured by a shear bolt which is fitted through the pin on the middle hinge and this system has proven to be adequately secure on other parks sites.