A FAMILY who faced a £40,000 fine for having a noisy dog are relieved their prosecution nightmare is over.

Bromley Council took action against the Hocaoglu family after receiving complaints about their dog Tolia from neighbours in Chislehurst Road, Petts Wood.

Under the terms of a noise abatement order the three-year-old Anatolian shepherd now has to stay inside between the hours of 9pm and 8am.

It also has to wear a special collar to stop it from barking.

At Bromley Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday (May 15) Mustafa Hocaoglu pleaded guilty to eight breaches of the order - on October 8 to 15 last year.

In mitigation Tariq Mallak said the problems started when the Chislehurst Road bridge building works began.

News Shopper: Tolia could have cost her family a £40,000 fine


He said the noisy building works caused Tolia (pictured above) to bark while adding there had been a meeting between Bromley Council and the Hocaoglu family last August where a council officer said they would supply the special collar.

However, the family were later told they had to buy the collar and this was not delivered until October 19 last year - after the breaches occurred.

Mr Mallak said: "This prosecution has had a significant impact on Mr Hocaoglu, on his health and on his family’s health.

"His wife says they have had sleepless nights because of the prosecution.

"This entire process has left them feeling alienated from their own community and they feel targeted."

Mr Hocaoglu was fined £264 and made to pay costs of £697 along with a victim’s surcharge of £26.40.

Speaking after the sentence, his daughter Ren, who owns the dogs, said: "The fine is a lot less than the £40,000 for dog barking we were threatened with.

"We are relieved it’s over but we still feel upset because we were forced to plead guilty just for having animals."