ROCK legend Keith Richards has today been welcomed back to Dartford Library – despite reportedly owing £3,000 in fines.

The Rolling Stones star racked up the fines dating back 50 years, according to a national newspaper.

At 15p a day – plus late fees – it was thought the 69-year-old could be landed with a bill for around £3,000.

Richards told the Daily Mirror: “I’ve still got overdue fines from about 50 years ago. They must be astronomical by now.”

But today the head of Kent County Council's libraries, Cath Anley, said records from the 1960s have long since been wiped out.

She added: “We are really delighted that Keith Richards has said how useful the library was for him in his youth, and if he would like to come and visit and help us spread the word about what a great service this is, he would more than compensate us for the books he didn’t return.”

The rock megastar grew up in Dartford and attended Wentworth Primary School.

Up until the age of six the axeman lived in a modest flat above a greengrocers in Chastilian Road with parents Bertrand and Doris until the family moved to Temple Hill.