ARTISTS launched a campaign in Deptford to celebrate those who often do thankless tasks from street cleaners and bus drivers to mothers.

The Good to See You Project aims to become a global project of spreading human kindness by thanking people who might get "overlooked" in a celeb-focused society.

The group took to Deptford Market on Saturday to kick-start the project by thanking Deptford street cleaners with a mural, music, short film and comments from passersby recognising their hard work.

Good to See You co-founder Libby Davy said: "We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the simple idea of seeing and thanking people who might get overlooked.

"One comment we heard again and again was how strong the community of Deptford is, and how people want to work together to make it an even better place to live."

She added: "We want to actually see people who often do thankless tasks that improve our world and consider how we might say two powerful words ‘thank you’.

"We also want to encourage people to notice how they feel when they do."

The idea works by people noticing and thanking other members of the community and then sharing their experiences at or email or Twitter hashtag #goodtoseeyou