A SERIES of all-night raves lasting up to 16 hours in a Catford residential street are driving the neighbours crazy.

Bug-eyed, boozing revellers at a house in Brookdale Road have been puffing drugs, urinating on cars and dancing until 3.30pm the next afternoon, while one neighbour who tried to intervene had her sunglasses knocked from her face and stomped into the pavement.

But despite calls from rattled and sleep-deprived residents about the problems - which started last summer - they say Lewisham Council officers have failed to stop the music and police cars have just driven on by.

In the most recent event, which happened over the May bank holiday, neighbours reported more than 300 people turning up in cars, spilling out into the street outside, openly rolling up marijuana joints, drinking and grinding up against each other.

Jo Ford, 56, said: "It starts just before midnight, all the windows are open there and all you can hear is boom, boom, boom. So many DJs come and go during the night.

"You can see the people standing outside with their eyes popping out of their heads, rolling up drugs or god knows what."

She added: "As I opened up the curtains one morning they were outside, peeing on the back of my car.

"God knows what goes on because they use every room.

"When it died down again at the weekend it was like heaven."

Arranged by flyer beforehand, residents say guests are charged upwards of £10 to get in, a bouncer is put on the door, and cars pull up all night delivering supplies for the raves.

Leslie Keener, 76, said: "The sound system they've got is meant for a hall not a house.

"But what can you do? They seem to get away with it."

The house, which has a sold sign outside, has been used for parties - billed as birthday celebrations or wakes - three times since late last year, residents claim.

Pedal Tafri, 60, said the music was so loud his house vibrated. He said: "The amount of people can't be contained in the house and spread all down the road. You couldn't sleep at all.

"They know about the elderly people living here. They know that and they continue to do it."

Neighbours said Lewisham Council officers turned up early during the last party but, shortly after they left, the music just started again.

Meanwhile, discarded flyers in the road advertised a further rave called Maureen Millionz Birthday Party and organised at a secret south London location by 'champagne popping brandy rocking Brother & Sister Promotions'.

A Lewisham Council spokesman said: “We attended the address on May 5 following a complaint of loud music. The resident was told to turn down the music which she subsequently did.

“On May 9 we wrote to the resident informing them of our noise policy and that if we get any more complaints about noise then we will take further appropriate action as needed.”

A spokeswoman for Lewisham police said: “We are aware of a number of complaints that have been made by residents regarding this address and it is being investigated along with our partners at Lewisham Council.”

Inspector Daren Donoghue of Safer Neighbourhoods Lewisham said: "We take a robust stance to dealing with any unlicensed event.

“Illegal gatherings cause a great deal of disruption and distress to local communities and often result in damage being caused to property and land. Anyone considering holding such an event should reconsider their intentions carefully."