DOCTORS are hoping to increase recognition of the signs of bowel cancer as research shows 69 per cent of Bromley residents are unaware of the them. 

The disease is the second biggest cancer killer claiming a life every 30 minutes. 

However, when bowel cancer is spotted early on it can be successfully treated in over 90 per cent of cases. 

Gastroenterologist Dr Maxwell Asante from BMI Chelsfield Park and The Sloane Hospitals in Bucks Cross Road, Orpington, said: “Be aware of what is average for you.” 

“If you know what is normal you can then act if something out of the ordinary happens.”

“A change in your bowel habits that lasts for three weeks or more, blood in your faeces or bleeding are all warning signs” 

“Unexplained weight loss, feeling tired without reason, stomach pains or a lump in the stomach region are other indicators of bowel cancer. 

He added: “There is no clear reason why some people develop bowel cancer while others do not but you can reduce your personal risk of developing cancer by making some simple lifestyle choices”. 

Stopping smoking, watching your weight, cutting down on alcohol, exercising regularly and eating healthily can all decrease risk.

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