WOOLWICH’S skyline is set to be “detrimentally” changed after a tower block of up to 21 storeys high was given the go ahead at a planning meeting last night.

A Greenwich Council planning committee backed the Royal Arsenal development which will see giant blocks of between 14 and 21 storeys tower behind historic sites such as the Royal Artillery building.

Woolwich Riverside ward councillor Cllr John Fahy fears the development is not in the interest of residents and is concerned about the impact on views from the town as well as the loss of the waterfront park.

Cllr Fahy told News Shopper: “Interestingly I don’t believe that the planning permission helps the interests of Woolwich residents.

“I believe the tower block, which is 13 to 21 storeys high, is not appropriate for that site.

“And obviously they will have a detrimental effect on the view of the river from the town centre.

“Fundamentally the issue of the park is critical because obviously the waterfront park is used by Woolwich residents as a whole and in effect, the development will be built on that park.”

He added that developers Berkeley Homes had been sensitive to the historic background of the site up until now.

Concerned residents handed in a petition of around 650 signatures against the proposal at the meeting on April 25.

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