A RAMPAGING pack of Staffordshire Bull Terriers mauled a defenceless dog to death and hospitalised its owner in a horrific attack outside a Dartford playground.

The terrified woman screamed “help, help, my baby” as the three dogs attacked her two beloved Jack Russell’s in Joyce Green Lane, Temple Hill.

Grandfather-of-three Ray Marshall heard screaming and shouting and ran into the street to help another man with the rescue attempt.

The 53-year-old told News Shopper: “We starting kicking and punching the dogs.

“I only had my slippers on but the young man I was with had steel toe caps. But the dogs couldn’t feel a thing.

“I went across the road and saw a recycling bottle bin and started smashing the dog with it.

“They were big powerful dogs. All I could think about was the poor lady.

"She was on the floor covered in blood. It was terrible.”

The victim, a woman in her 30s, was caught in the crossfire as she desperately tried to save her pet outside Joyce Green Playground.

She was treated by paramedics for a bite wound to her wrist and taken to Darent Valley Hospital following the savage attack at 1.30pm on Thursday, last week. (April 18)

‘Help, help, my baby’

Mr Marshall, of Osterberg Way, said: “By the time we got there the dog was dead. 

"Its owner was was crying ‘my baby, my baby’ and ‘someone help me’.

“One of the Staff dogs had it by the throat and was shaking its head.

“The other dog had its back leg and the other Staff was running around causing trouble.”

Neighbour Nina Plastow, 31, whose mum Angie desperately tried to help, told News Shopper the Jack Russell was “ripped it to shreds”.

She added: “It was horrible, like something out of a horror film. The owner had a white coat covered in blood.

“She threw herself over them, trying to get the dog off and was bitten on the wrist.”

A woman who lived opposite the park came running out and took the other Jack Russell safely inside.

She added: “No matter what they did they couldn’t do anything – the dogs were on a completely different level.”

It is believed the three dogs, described by witnesses as “really muscley, massive dogs with no leads or collars on” had escaped from a nearby garden.

Blood-soaked playground

The attack left blood covered over the playground’s railings and pools running down the street.

Neighbour Paula Dando, 37, who lives opposite the park, returned home to find the Jack Russell’s lifeless body lying in the road and police officers and ambulance staff at the scene.

She told News Shopper: “At first I thought a kid had been run-over.

“It’s quite worrying, it could have been a little kiddy who had would have no chance.

“The park’s always busy and it’s lucky because it’s usually full of nursery children at that time.”

Kent Police have reported the female owner of the three dogs for offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act and say enquiries are ongoing.

Calls to destroy the dogs AS somebody who has owned four Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Mrs Plastow said: “Once a dog smells blood, you have to get rid of them.

“It did not just attack another dog, it attacked a human. They have to be put down.”

News Shopper Shop a Dog campaign NEW laws to tackle the issue of dog attacks could see owners facing two years in jail or an unlimited fine.

A new bill is also set to deal with the problem of maulings on private property following pressure from papers such as News Shopper.

During Our Shop a Dog campaign we highlighted the issue of the police being powerless to act when someone is attacked by a dog in a home.

This was highly praised by victims as well as politicians including Dartford MP Gareth Johnson.

In February the government announced it had listened to our pleas and it has now published a draft Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Bill.

Under Government plans, dog owners will no longer be immune from prosecution if their dog attacks a person in the home.

This change in the law will give protection to the healthcare, postal and utility workers who visit private properties for work.

It will mean if owners are convicted, they could face an unlimited fine and/or up to two years in jail.

However there will be no protection for trespassers such as burglars who are attacked by a householder’s dog.