ANGRY residents are calling for the Waste4Fuel recycling plant near Sevenoaks Way to be closed down, after yet another fire at the site last week.

The day long fire on April 11, followed the longest fire in Bromley's history, which smouldered away at the site between March 18 and March 26.

The fires are said to be caused by the spontaneous combustion of the rubbish with fire crews now visiting the site three times a day to ensure hot spots don't get out of control.

Continued exposure to smoke has led residents to finally lose patience, while they also claim the rubbish piles at the plant are getting increasingly large.

Dennis Clark, 63, of Cornwall Drive, said: "The site has grown into a monster.

"Everyone who lives here is fed up with it.

"We are waiting for the next fire they have which will wipe out the whole of St Paul’s Cray.

"We won't be able to complain because we'll be dead."

Mr Clark and others, including Little Chislewick Residents' Association, have called for the Environmental Agency to revoke Waste4Fuel's licence.

Maxine O'Connor, 67, of Sevenoaks Way, said: "The site is disgusting, it is an eye sore.

"Nobody knows how the piles of rubbish have been allowed to get this high. It looks like a third world country.

"When it burns you don't know what's burning, and what breathing it in could be doing to you."

Gray's Farm Primary School and Kemnal Manor Technology College are both situated near the site, and both spoke to News Shopper expressing concern.

John Eveson, safeguarding governor at Gray's Farm, said: "At one point it was drifting straight into the school playground and we had to take the little kids indoors.

"We were very grateful to the borough commander from Lambeth, Ian Black, who came and spoke with us and assured us the smoke was not toxic.

"However it was blowing into our playground and that can't be good - smoke is not good for our kids."

A spokesman for Little Chislewick Residents' Association added: "The health and safety and the ability of residents, schools and businesses to go about their lawful business without the major hindrances this site brings, far outweigh the needs of one small business which can find more suitable premises to operate from."

An Environmental Agency spokeswoman said: "The site is part of an ongoing legal investigation."

Waste4Fuel declined to comment.

A petition has been launched by local residents calling for the site to close.