AN ERITH man was "utterly disgusted" when he found Bexley Council traffic wardens parked in the disabled bay outside his house.

Jerry Crabtree, 47, and his disabled wife Wendy returned to their home in Appold Street last Wednesday to find a vehicle belonging to a traffic warden parked in the disabled bay outside their house.

One warden was still sat in the passenger seat of the car while two others were patrolling the street.

Mr Crabtree pulled up just before the bay and says he sounded his horn to attract the warden’s attention - but was ignored.

Wendy, who suffers from a degenerative spinal disease, shouted "excuse me" from the car window but was once again blanked by the wardens.

It was then Mr Crabtree got out of his vehicle at the same time as the warden in the passenger seat of the car did the same.

Mr Crabtree told News Shopper: "Instead of apologising, he just totally ignored me and walked straight past.

"I find it utterly disgusting these wardens, albeit doing their job, find it necessary to park illegally in a disabled person's parking bay without displaying the appropriate disabled person’s badge.

"I was angry.

"What’s the point of them parking there when there was nothing stopping them parking elsewhere down the road?"

He added: "We fought so hard to get this disabled bay and for them to just ignore us is appalling."

It took some time before the driver returned to the vehicle and reversed back.

Mr Crabtree said he then drove off "with no sign of any remorse or apology for the inconvenience they caused."

A Bexley Council spokeswoman said: "Parking contractor NSL wish to express sincere apologies for any inconvenience the resident has been caused in this instance.

"Having investigated this complaint with NSL, we are satisfied a genuine error led to the civil enforcement officer temporarily parking in the disabled bay to carry out enforcement.

"However, as soon as the officer realised his mistake, he moved the vehicle.

"This is an isolated incident and we do not condone the use of disabled bays by our representatives."