A LEE Green beauty queen has made history by becoming the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe London.

Model Cherelle Rose Patterson burst into tears on claiming this year's London title for one of the top three beauty contests in the world.

The 23-year-old donned swim-wear, jeans, and evening gowns, and won over judges in interviews, but says the hardest part was cutting out Nando's meals.

The former Sydenham Girls School student says she is still dizzy from her "rollercoaster ride" to success and keeps looking at her crown and asking "Is that mine?"

News Shopper: Lee Green beauty queen makes history as first black Miss Universe London

Ms Patterson, who lives off Winn Road, told News Shopper: "When they called my name, I was in tears. It was amazing.

"I really worked hard for it – part of the reason I cried was because I felt it had paid off.

"It’s been a rollercoaster ride but I am more confident in myself and I think when you are it shows – you can see it in how people walk and talk.

"I am the first black woman to win. I have made history so that is an achievement in itself.

"I still look at my crown at home and I think: ‘Is that mine?'"

News Shopper: Lee Green beauty queen makes history as first black Miss Universe London

The beauty pageant is owned by business magnate Donald Trump and Cherelle will now compete against other British stunners in June at Miss Universe UK who are all eyeing the global title of Miss Universe.

Ms Patterson undertook a gruelling six-days-a-week gym routine over three months to shape up for the body-bearing swimsuit round and shares her beauty tips.

She said: "The swimsuit round – that is what I needed to train for.

"To get down to the perfect body type I wanted for myself. I dropped a dress size – it was amazing.

"It was all in my mind – I thought I couldn’t do without my Nando's. But if you want something so badly you see the bigger picture.

"I don’t have one beauty secret – I just say to anyone to eat healthily, train hard and get enough sleep."

The model-of-six-years says she leads a double life away from the catwalk as a retailer in a men’s tailoring store and relaxing with her best mates – mum Rose Morgan and boyfriend Chris Mukoko.

Cherelle, whose modelling icon is Victoria's Secret pin-up Adriana Lima, says it would be a "dream come true" to win Miss Universe and she aims to do lots of charity work while wearing her crown.

You can follow Cherelle on Twitter:@IAMCHERELLEROSE