Weekly Arts and Crafts sessions for adults in Thamesmead are proving fruitful, not only in numbers but in outcomes too, especially for the three pensioners that we spoke to.

Neighbours Jean Perkins (78) and Joy Welch (75), who have known each other for 30 years, met Teresa Gifford (63) at the classes. “I would be sitting at home bored, doing nothing if I didn’t come to these classes.” said Teresa.

“They are such fun and as much as I love making things, I come more for the laughs and the friendships I have made over the last few months.” said Jean.

Joy backed that sentiment, saying “I come for the companionship”. She went on to say that the three of them also meet outside of the class with a group of other friends from another creative group based in Thamesmead.

Freelance textile artist Seiwa Cunningham, who works with many community groups, schools, colleges, care homes, galleries and museums said: “I feel very fortunate to work with this lovely group. Everyone has bonded really well and they are all interested in learning and making a success of everything they do.”

Dawn Young, the Trust’s Head of Community Services, said: “The weekly arts and crafts workshops are just one activity in a programme being developed by the Trust and its partners which supports older people in Thamesmead and enables those who are most vulnerable and isolated to become more involved in their community.”

The adult weekly arts & crafts workshops take place at The Link Thamesmead every Wednesday afternoon between 1:30-3:00pm.

If you, or someone you know, would like to join in the fun just call The Link Thamesmead on 020 8320 4499.