AN Eltham councillor has lost her appeal over deselection for the next election and has been booted out of the Greenwich Conservative group.

Cllr Glover, who has represented Eltham South for 10 years, was deselected in January and told News Shopper she would appeal the decision.

But, in a statement, the Conservatives said: "Councillor Eileen Glover’s appeal against the selection of candidates for Eltham South ward has been rejected. While Councillor Glover remains unhappy with this outcome, it is clear that the Conservative Party’s procedures for candidate selection were pursued accurately and the process was fair.

"Cllr Glover has now stated, both publically and privately, that she intends to stand as an independent candidate against the Conservatives selected for Eltham South ward. Such an action is incompatible with continued membership of the Conservative Group of councillors in Greenwich and as a result the whip has been withdrawn from Cllr Glover.

"It is disappointing for the Federation that any sitting Councillor chooses to put their own personal interests above those of their local community and the Conservative Party. Greenwich Conservatives are absolutely committed to ensuring Matt Clare, Mark Elliott and Nuala Geary are elected in Eltham South ward next year.

"All three live in Eltham South ward (unlike Cllr Glover) and we strongly believe will be excellent advocates for the area."

Cllr Glover told News Shopper she was "considering" standing as an independent.

And the visually-impaired councillor revealed she has lodged three complaints of discrimination against the local party which are currently being considered by by Conservative Central Office.