BROCKLEY residents can sleep in peace after an early morning flight path trial has been shelved following a campaign.

The pilot scheme took off in November with some of Heathrow’s 17 early arrivals flying over Brockley – which was on the border of two trial areas – between 4.30am to 6am.

Sleep-deprived residents started a campaign against the overhead menace which they said was sprung on them without warning and feared could become permanent.

Elise Parkin, of Manor Avenue, Brockley, who spearheaded the Brockleynoise campaign, sometimes had to stay with family to avoid the noise.

The trial will end on March 31 and Ms Parkin says the group has been assured by airports operator Heathrow it will not be continued in its current form but future trials might take place.

Ms Parkin would like to be informed of any new patterns that have a negative impact on residents. Get in contact at

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