A PROTEST is being staged by a new right wing nationalist organisation over what it describes as "sexist and offensive signs" at a Crayford mosque.

Members of the England National Resistance (ENR) are angry the North West Kent Muslim Association’s mosque in Crayford High Street has separate entrances for men and women.

Paul Golding, former BNP councillor for Swanley, is organising for a group of 50 to 100 people to march through Crayford town centre on a date to be decided in May.

It comes following complaints on Facebook about the "sexist signs" and muslims praying in the street outside the mosque.

He said: "The ENR is opposed to the treatment by muslims of women as second class citizens and objects strongly to the NWK mosque in Crayford insisting on a form of apartheid, or segregation, of women in line with Islamic principles that view women as inferior to men.

"To find that fundamental medieval attitude on the streets of Crayford in an ex-Christian church, we were appalled.”

The ENR was launched in January and describes itself as "patriotic activists against any attack on our English culture, rights and heritage".

The group’s national organiser, Mr Golding, said he and another ENR member asked the mosque’s imam to remove the "sexist signs" and cover the Christian cross on the front of the building on March 19.

He claims the imam agreed to cover the cross but refused to remove the sign.

However, the mosque’s imam, Hafiz Rahman, told News Shopper: "I have no idea about this group - they never came to us about the issue.

"If they have any problems, the doors are open and I’m available to talk."

Mr Rahman says he has not received any complaints from the female members of the mosque’s congregation, which can reach up to 200 a day.

The 41-year-old added: "We’re not breaking the law.

"If there’s any concern they should got through the courts. They can’t remove the sign because it’s private property."

Met Police have been informed about the demonstration to "fight Islamic bigotry against women".

The protest was initially planned to take place on Saturday, April 6, with ENR members due to meet at 1pm at Crayford Rail Station.

However, it has now been postponed due to the lack of notice and it clashing with a march in Brighton.

Mr Golding told News Shopper the Crayford protest is now expected to take place sometime in mid-May.

ENR has still vowed to organise a "sustained campaign of protest against the mosque" unless it takes down the signs, halt any further segregation of women and to cover the up the Christian Cross on front of the building by April 17.

The NWK Muslim Association moved from its home of more than 10 years in Highfield Road, Dartford, to Crayford High Street five years ago.

Former BNP member Paul Golding is never far from the media spotlight

February 2009 - Paul Golding is elected a Sevenoaks District councillor for the Swanley St Mary’s ward.

August 2009 - He attends a BNP family festival where an undercover News of the World reporter records a 12-year-old burning a gollywog. Mr Golding condemned these actions.

August 2009 - He made a video "proving" a woman convicted of intimidating an Asian mother was not a BNP member. Later investigations confirm Helen Forster was a member.

September 2009 - St Mary’s constituents accuse Mr Golding of "doing nothing" for them.

October 2009 - He spearheads a BNP campaign which threatens to boycott businesses who advertise with News Shopper. He refers to the paper as "a particularly venomous anti-British left-wing propaganda outlet".

March 2011 - He resigns as councillor saying he is not "morally justified" to claim an allowance after moving out of the area.

June 2011 - Mr Golding helps launch a new nationalist movement called Britain First.