CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Cathy on the birth of her lovely daughter Maisie – mother and baby are both doing well. And, if Kate is expecting a bonny baby girl, good luck to their royal highnesses too.

In the case of Kate, hubby William will no doubt be well looked after, but according to Cathy her other half was pretty much ignored and forgotten.

Now, before the letters/emails/tweets/general abuse start, I know childbirth is no walk in the park. However, women are genetically designed for the job and a huge amount of care and attention is quite rightly lavished upon them. Sadly the same cannot be said for their partners.

There is a modern preoccupation with insisting the man attends the birth, despite this flying in the face of nature.

Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong for the man to be there, but it’s now almost impossible for him to say no, whatever he thinks. And, if he is present there is nothing done to prepare him for this most horrendous ordeal.

Obviously already emotionally charged and deprived of sleep, he will then face seeing the person he loves most in the world subjected to the most painful and traumatic ordeal and yet be powerless to do anything about it. This can have a profound and lasting effect on the man.

Most men will continue to attend the birth of their children, whether the decision is theirs or induced by their partner, but more should be done to recognise the huge effect this world-changing event will have upon them.

If nothing else, having been starved of rest, proper food and with their emotions shot they should be warned to take great care when driving away from the hospital for the first time.