BEXLEYHEATH knife murderer Nicola Edgington is far from the only patient cared for by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust to have killed in the past decade.

Figures released by Oxleas show eight other patients have committed homicides since 2003 while under the trust’s care.

Now the founder of charity Hundred Families, which helps families of those killed by mentally ill people, says lessons are not being learned after Edgington was released back into the community in 2009 despite killing her mother in 2005.

Julian Hendy lost his 75-year-old father Philip after he was stabbed to death in Bristol in 2007 by a psychotic man with a long history of mental health problems.

He said: "There seem to have been mistakes made in planning the care around Edgington being released into the community, assessing the risk and the plan for what happened when she became unwell again.

"They seemed to just depend on her taking herself to hospital and nobody was looking after her.

"It seems to me they completely forgot about the original offence she committed in the first place."

In September, Oxleas answered a freedom of information (FOI) request by Mr Hendy stating 11 homicides by patients were recorded since 2004.

The trust now admits to nine incidents in 10 years - including two in 2003 not included in the FOI response - after downgrading four killings, on the basis they did not meet one of the criteria for an independent investigation into a mental health homicide like the one recommended for Edgington.

This stipulates the killer must have been in a regular or enhanced mental health care programme six months prior to the event.

Oxleas chief executive Stephen Firn said: "The figures are not high in comparison with other London mental health trusts, particularly as we cover a population of more than one million people."

Further FOI requests to London mental health trusts revealed 12 homicides since 2003 by patients at three other trusts.

Nicola Edgington has been convicted of the murder of Sally Hodkin, 58, and the attempted murder of then 22-year-old Kerry Clark on the morning of October 10, 2011 in Bexleyheath Broadway.

Other Oxleas homicides

2003: Nabeel Aljubori was convicted of the manslaughter of Paul Geddes after breaking into his Plumstead home on June 19. After he and accomplice Derek Dale could not find money for drugs, they battered the victim to death before setting fire to the house.

2006: Bromley man Sean Richardson left his former partner's father Jack Perry with multiple stab wounds in a frenzied attack in Ealing on May 8. Richardson pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility after being diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder and a depressive illness.

2009: Lee James murdered 18-year-old Faridon Alizada in Verona House on Erith's Larner Road estate on January 5, 2009. James stabbed Alizada to death after turning up at 3am to buy drugs.

2009: Jagtar Johal was jailed for eight years for the manslaughter of 23-year-old Richard Price in an alleyway near the Swan and Mitre pub in Bromley on Halloween, 2009.

News Shopper: Julian Hendy and his dad

Julian Hendy (right) with his dad Philip. 

Edgington appeal

An appeal into the decision to sentence Edgington to 37 years in prison has been launched by her barrister Paul Cooper QC.

Mr Cooper said: "The vast majority of prisons in this country are not equipped to deal with people with mental illnesses or mental disorders.

"Prisons are designed to manage and control inmates.

"Prison officers do not have any powers under the Mental Health Act to compel people to take medication.

"In hospital people with these conditions can be compelled to take medication and are under 24-hour observation.

"The bottom line is we are sending too many people with mental disorders to prison."

Map of Oxleas mental health homicides