AFTER one session of Piloxing I felt like Jane Fonda and Rocky rolled into one.

The fitness craze, which combines fat-burning boxing moves with muscle-sculpting Pilates, has arrived in south east London and instructor Teresa Malins invited me to try it out. The mum-of-two and fitness guru teaches classes in Beckenham High Street and East Dulwich.

It's safe to say I arrived at the session slightly petrified and unsure of what to expect.

Luckily Teresa put us all at ease and showed us how to use the Piloxing gloves – they weigh half a pound each so help you exercise harder.

She explained how the class helps to raise your heartbeat through interval training – a routine of high to low intensity workouts – which is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. 

The Pilates tones and lengthens your muscles, the boxing moves get your cardiovascular system going and there are even some ballet-style and street dance moves thrown in.

The next hour was one of the physically toughest things I have done but was also a lot of fun.

For me, the most difficult things were coordinating my arms and legs, keeping in time and trying to balance but I think with another session or two, the moves would click into place.

The combination of so many disciplines are what made it so enjoyable and it definitely felt like I was toning up and burning calories at the same time.

With a super-fast routine of moves set against an upbeat soundtrack we stretched, punched, and danced our way to fitness.

I got an amazing buzz from punching the air and felt strangely empowered.

Before the class finished a more sedate session of mat-based Pilates moves enabled us to cool down.

Although I emerged at the end as a bright-red, sweaty mess, I was also in a state of euphoria – perhaps due to endorphins pumping round my system but also it was impossible not to smile when doing some of the moves.

About an hour later the beetroot colour of my face had reduced to a more aesthetic glow which made me feel healthy for the rest of the day.

Teresa has been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years and has taught Pilates for the last decade. 

She teaches Piloxing classes at Dance Company Studios in Beckenham High Street and at Push Studios in Blackwater Street, East Dulwich.

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