A BAFFLED postman is hoping someone can shed some light on the mystery of the lampposts in his street.

Robert Goddard says the concrete lamppost near his home in Quilter Road, Orpington, has worked for years so was surprised when a metal lamppost was put up right next to it.

And, as the picture shows, the metal lamppost does not work while artificial light shines brightly from the concrete one.

He says a week before last month’s snow he watched from his house as workmen dug up the ground by the street lights and then put barriers round the site.

The 62-year-old says it stayed like this until about three weeks ago when workmen filled up the hole with dirt on one day then dug it up again the next day before it was filled in again.

And he says the curious incident of the lamppost in the day time and night time is continued down the street where there is a concrete light that never goes out.

This one is on 24 hours a day and is next to a metal lamppost which comes on after dark.

Mr Goddard said: “It was a right farce, the workmen came round and dug it up then filled it in then dug it up again.

“It’s strange to see these things going on.

“It’s a waste of money putting lampposts up next to other ones especially when the new one is not working.

“I’m waiting to see what happens next.”

A council spokesman says the lampposts in the street are being replaced and it is normal to have both columns in situ while the changeover happens.

Executive councillor for the environment Colin Smith said: "If ever residents see a street light on during the daytime, the council would always encourage them to report it, ideally on our website by the report it button, which should see the repair made within four days. 

"Regarding the holes, the council is totally reliant on UK Power Networks to undertake the connection which they advise has been particularly difficult in this instance due to style and position of the lamp in question.”