AN ARTIST from Bexleyheath is making waves across the south London art scene.

Amateur photographer and Goldsmiths student Michael Gardner is having his pictures exhibited in Honour Oak and East Dulwich and will soon be selling his work in Plumstead Community Market.

The 27-year-old from Northumberland Heath is currently studying teaching at the university in New Cross while devoting his spare time to art.

Michael said: “Photography has been a fascination of mine since before I can remember.

“I had a very creative upbringing and was always looking for interesting angles, beautiful shapes and forms in the world around me.

“About 10 years ago, I bought my first digital camera and ever since I have been seeking out the most unique and eye catching perspectives I can find.”

“I love to use a range of contrasting and vibrant colours to transform often dull and uninspiring scenes into something that is a feast for the senses.”

He enjoys drawing on travel for his art and said: “I especially love visiting historic European cities where there is an abundance of amazing sculpture and contrasting urban landscapes.

“Over the past 12 months, this has seen me hop over to Berlin, Brussels, Oslo and beyond.”

Michael advises fellow aspiring artists to be as pro-active as possible and added: “Get your work out there in local cafes and pubs and give your business card to everyone you meet - get exposure and be confident with your art work. I’m always open to commissions.”

Michael’s work is currently exhibited at the Hopscotch Cafe in Honour Oak Park and is displayed at The Palmerston in Lordship Lane, East Dulwich.

He will also be appearing regularly at the Plumstead Community Market in Old Mill Road, Plumstead.

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