A HORRIFIC attack on a baby is what News Shopper warned would happen when we called for urban fox hunting 10 years ago.

Now, as one-month-old baby Denny Dolan lies recovering in hospital, we say something like this must never be allowed to happen again.

Badgers are set to be culled in two pilot areas this summer with the eventual aim of protecting cattle by wiping out bovine tuberculosis. But nothing is being proposed to stop the menace of foxes.

They have been responsible for countless incidents in the News Shopper area in recent years and after the attack on Denny we say enough is enough.

Now it is time for the foxes in our towns to be trapped and humanely killed so their existence on our streets becomes a thing of the past.

We believe urban fox hunting is the best solution to an ever more menacing problem.

After he suffered one of the country’s worst-ever fox attacks, Denny Dolan’s parents kept a constant vigil at the one-month-old’s hospital bedside.

Denny’s head was stitched and his hand bandaged after surgeons completed a lengthy operation to reattach a finger which had been reportedly bitten off by a fox.

His mother Hayley Cawley, of Dagonet Road, Downham, said she found the fox with her newborn son’s hand in its mouth after she went to investigate a noise.

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