KNIVES, blades and ‘BB’ guns are being locked up by Lewisham businesses to help protect the public.

There are 28 businesses - including shops and butchers - which have signed up to a Responsible Retailers Agreement in the fight against knife crime in Lewisham.

Larger kitchen-type knives, lighters and age-restricted toys such as ‘BB’ guns will be kept locked away and out of sight.

Other parts of the campaign – backed by Lewisham Council and Lewisham Police – will include limits on the sale of super-strength alcohol, tobacco and fireworks.

Mayor of Lewisham Sir Steve Bullock said: “Reducing knife-enabled crime is a top priority for the Safer Lewisham Partnership.

“Removing knives from sale, or making sure that they are securely locked away by retailers, is one means of making sure that people intent on committing crime with a knife have another avenue of causing disruption and harm to our community removed from them.”

He added: "Working in partnership we will continue to work together to reduce knife crime in Lewisham.”

Shops taking part will display a Responsible Retailer window sticker. Businesses wishing to get involved can contact the Lewisham Council Neighbourhood Community Safety team on 020 8314 9120.

Lewisham and Catford businesses that have signed up to the Knives RRA so far are:

Lidl Supermarket - Catford
Pound stretcher – Catford
Tesco Stores - Catford
Tony’s Butchers - Catford
SWA Fish & Meat Shop - Catford
H & S Fish Market - Catford
R & A Discount Store - Catford
You Fix - Lewisham
Poundland Store - Lewisham
Turkish Food Centre - Lewisham
Tiger Retail LTD - Lewisham
Pound World - Lewisham
Streets DIY - Lewisham
BHS Store - Lewisham
Pound Stretcher - Lewisham
99p Shop - Lewisham
99P Store - Lewisham
Tesco Supermarket - Lewisham
Bilal Fish & Meat - Lewisham
Lewisham Butcher & Grocer LTD - Lewisham
ZA Quality Halal Meat – Lewisham
Hasham & Son - Lewisham
Lewisham Food Centre - Lewisham
Turkish Food Centre - Lewisham
Daily Fresh Fish & Seafood - Lewisham
Halal Express - Lewisham
K & K Grocers & Butchers - Lewisham
Lewisham Food Market – Lewisham