NOT a single fine was dished out for dog fouling across Bexley in nine months - despite more than 100 complaints.

A Freedom of Information request revealed between January and September last year Bexley Council received 113 reports of dog fouling.

But not one penalty notice was issued to the culprits’ owners.

In April News Shopper reported that parents and children from Barnehurst Infant and Junior school and Normandy Primary School having to do the “poo dance” during the school run.

Mother-of-two Christine Melville, who lives next to the notorious dog mess-ridden alleyway between Heath Way and Northumberland Way, says the lack of punishments sends out the wrong message.

She told News Shopper: “It’s madness - people know they can get away with it.

“But the problem is unless you’ve got evidence or see them doing it, people won’t be caught.

“I don’t think people change, people don’t suddenly care. You are either responsible or not.”

The 60-year-old, of Northumberland Way, is still holding out hope the dog mess problem can be resolved.

“Perhaps if there was a deterrent like CCTV cameras then it might work,” she added.

Claire Tack, the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for Northumberland Way, said parents and children were treated to a welcome back message next to Barnehurst Infant and Junior School on Tuesday morning. (Jan 9)

"There was a big dollop right outside the school gates that children had to walk past," the mother of two told News Shopper.

She added: "It's even more of an issue now everyone's back at school after the Christmas break.

"We've tried to catch people, all of the residents are on the look-out and have put notices on their gateposts and lamposts, but they must do it last thing at night or first thing in the morning when it's dark.

A council crusade which cost up to £2,000 does not seem to have persuaded people to scoop their dog’s poop.

In September 2010 the four-week no dog fouling campaign staff and contractors visited parks and open spaces in the borough warning dog owners of the dangers of dog fouling.

However, not one penalty notice was handed out.

That year 184 complaints were made, and a further 171 in 2011, with four fixed penalty notices issued by Bexley Council between April 2010 and April 2011.

A Bexley Council spokesman said there have been six complaints from residents living around the notorious pathway in Barnehurst and a response team was sent out on each occasion to deal with the issue, in addition to a fortnightly clean.

She added: “The disgusting practice of irresponsible dog owners not clearing up after their pets have fouled the footway is one that the council takes seriously, but the assistance of local residents is required in order to address the offenders.

“Unfortunately, those reporting the problem have not provided specific details of who is committing the offence or at what time it occurs. This information is needed to enable a fixed penalty notice to be issued or, a prosecution to be undertaken.”

Dog fouling can be reported by calling the council on 0208 303 7777.