A recent survey showed that 80 per cent of men never buy their own undies - they get their wife or girlfriend to do it for them.

So is it any wonder that they struggle when it comes to buying gift lingerie for their loved ones?

Still, plenty make the effort every year, and it's just as well they do. If you get it right, lingerie can be the most romantic and personal gift of all.

Just think about it. Buying something silky or lacy for the lady in your life says: "I'd like to see you in this because I think you'd look wonderful." Quite a message!

But will you get it right this Christmas? Before you head off to the nearest department store, take a look at our top tips for knicker nouse and how to overcome those little problems on the way to a perfect gift.


You're bound to feel it. After all, you're entering an extremely female shopping zone, and everyone knows what you're there for.

What to do: Be brave. There will be other men there in exactly the same situation.

What not to do: Skulk furtively. March right up to an assistant and ask for help.


Most men haven't a clue about what size undies the woman in their life wears. But don't feel too bad - most women are a bit mystified about bra sizes themselves.

What to do: Take a peek in her knicker drawer before you go - make sure she doesn't see you!

What not to do: Buy too big. She'll only be insulted.


You may think she'll look great in a red satin basque, but are you sure that's what SHE likes?

What to do: Notice the lingerie she wears for special occasions such as going out; it's probably quite different to her everyday wear. If it's red satin, go ahead but if not, be more restrained and buy something pretty in the kind of fabrics and colours she likes. If she feels great in it, she'll feel sexy too!

What not to do: Find out what she likes and then buy something completely different. She'll wear it to keep you happy, but probably not more than once.


Gorgeous lingerie can be pretty expensive, so be prepared.

What to do: Shop around. Prices vary a lot, and you can get pretty, sexy lingerie in stores such as Bhs and Marks & Spencer that won't break the bank if you are on a tight budget.

What not to do: Protest loudly in the shop about how much they are charging for a couple of bits of lace. You'll only end up red-faced.