LEWISHAM Council has formally opposed plans to close Lewisham’s A&E and condemned the “detrimental” impact on residents’ health if they are bulldozed through.

There are now less than three days left to save Lewisham Hospital’s A&E as the public consultation ends at midnight on December 13.

A strongly-worded letter to TSA administrator Matthew Kershaw was agreed last night at a joint meeting with the Mayor and Cabinet, Healthier Communities Select Committee and the Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel.

It calls on him to reconsider proposals to downgrade Lewisham’s A&E and says the council will use all means necessary to oppose the recommendations.

Chair of the Business Panel Councillor Alan Hall said: “Lewisham Council has agreed its formal response to the Trust Special Administrator and it opposes them on the grounds that this would be detrimental to the health and welfare of the residents of Lewisham.”

He went on to say that the draft conclusion was amended so there was "no ambiguity” about the council’s position.

The conclusion now reads: “The Council is opposed to the plans for Lewisham Hospital contained in the TSA draft report and recommendations due to the negative and detrimental impact on the health and welfare of the residents of Lewisham.

“The TSA’s draft report and recommendations undermine the existing strong and effective partnership arrangements that support people locally and risk causing a costly disintegration of services.”

Residents have just three days left to have their say on the report which is available at tsa.nhs.uk

There will be a vigil held at Lewisham Hospital on Thursday to mark the final day of the consultation with candles lit, and Chinese lanterns and luminous balloons released into the sky.

The event – organised by Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign – will take place on Thursday starting at 4pm with demonstrators asked to bring lights such as candles in jars.

The balloons and lanterns will be set free at 5pm and at 6pm the campaigners intend to burn copies of the TSA’s report.

To read the council’s full response visit lewisham.gov.uk and to learn more about the campaign Save Lewisham Hospital visit savelewishamhospital.com