A FAMOUS Charlton magician has unleashed an advent calendar of jolly japes with celebrities such as pop star Flo Rida thrust into the spotlight.

Sought-after Damien O’Brien - who has played tricks on stars from David Beckham to Dr Dre - will mark the countdown to Christmas with a daily video window of magic moments.

From December 1 until Christmas Eve, the hypnotist will post a clip where he spellbinds stars such as X Factor judge Tulisa with his antics which include levitation and mind-reading.

The 27-year-old, who used to live in Lee Green, recently pulled thread out of his eye in front of the President of Azerbaijan, sent hip hop artist Akon screaming round the room and rendered David Beckham speechless.

The former Thomas Tallis pupil said: "I got into magic when I was 13. I used to do little bits to the kids at school. It was my hobby.

"It is just fun to perform and watch people’s reactions. It is always new. "I have had so many different reactions like David Beckham went completely silent and couldn’t speak.

"Akon went running around screaming and shouting and really getting into it.

"I love all the reactions. Nelly was great - he was searching his pockets for his cards at the end of it.

"I don’t really admire anyone because then you can try to be someone.

"There are always tricks coming out and I think: how can I make it my style?"

Top tricks include transforming Monopoly money into wads of legal tender, burying headphone chords under his skin in front of an audience, and levitating - which will be in the Christmas Eve video special in Trafalgar Square.

The hypnotist lives with fiancé Charlotte Keegan and says he plans to indulge in a "Hangover-style" stag do in Las Vegas.

Speaking of his inspiration and advice to budding magicians, Mr O’Brien said: "I am a big fan of comic-style movies like Superman and how people move something with their minds and I think how can I use it.

"Try to be the best you can be - be creative, never let anyone say it can’t be done, because if you believe it, you can achieve what you want to achieve."

To view the conjurer’s 24 Days of Magic from last year visit youtube.com/damienmagic666