A COCKY fox has been mown down shortly after attacking a teenage couple waiting for a bus in Blackfen.

The fox attacked the two teenagers before refusing to move out of the way of a silver Land Rover which then ran it over.

Kelly Lloyd, 18, of Berwick Crescent, Blackfen, was walking with her boyfriend to the bus stop on Days Lane, at 10:30pm on November 8,  when the fox started following them.

She said: “It followed us to the bus stop and then started growling at us.”

She jumped onto her boyfriend’s back and started screaming as the fox circled around her.

Her 18-year-old boyfriend, Jack Larkins of Thanet Road, Erith, said: “It was after my girlfriend and was looking up at her.

“I was trying to shoo it away with my foot but it bit my shoe!

“That fox might have had rabies. If its teeth went through the shoe then it could have been pretty bad.”

After biting the teenager the fox then ran into the road and refused to move out of the way of a silver Land Rover coming slowly up the road.

Mr Larkins said: “It just wouldn’t move so the car ran it over.

“It had the most dramatic death ever. It tried to get up then fell back down again.”

Miss Lloyd, who goes to Blackfen Sixth Form, said: “I was terrified at the time and I just ran home.”

This is not the first time News Shopper has reported a fox incident.

Last week we reported how a fox ran up behind Louisa Power, 46, and grabbed her Co-cop shopping from her hand in Sidcup.

In March Seb Baker, 29, had his Tesco garlic bread nicked by a fox in Orpington which jumped up at him.

In October a Crayford tradesman Kevin May, 61, found £460 worth of damage to wires on the underside of his van after foxes had chewed them.

One fox even crept into 31-yearold Joseph Gillinder’s house in Bromley leaving him worried for the safety of his four-month-old baby.

Miss Lloyd, said: “They have got really cocky now. They have definitely got worse these past few years.”

News Shopper: The teenagers saw the fox squashed by a passing car