A PETITION drawn up by a group of Hartley schoolchildren calling for dangerous dogs to be micro-chipped has been presented in the House of Commons.

Youngsters in Year Five at Our Lady of Hartley Primary School, in Stack Lane, collected 110 signatures before handing the completed petition to Dartford MP Gareth Johnson.

The students believe micro chipping would ensure owners of dangerous dogs can be held to account as they consider it to be dog owners, rather than dogs, at fault for misbehaviour.

They are also campaigning for micro chipping to be made more affordable so it is accessible to more owners, whilst not being compulsory for all dogs.

Mr Johnson presented the petition in the Commons on November 5.

He said: “I attended the excellent debate the children had on this issue.

“It was an incredibly well informed debate with the children expressing the strong views they had on this issue in a very passionate way.

“It was very innovative of the school to collect a petition, which reflected the children’s’ views on the subject and ask me to present this petition to Parliament.”

The petition was launched as part of a project called Go Givers within the school that aimed to show the children how they could make a difference.

Headteacher Margaret Baynes said: “They got loads of signatures from the parents and neighbours of the school and people passing by the school.

“It was really good of Gareth to present it on Monday.

“The kids were absolutely thrilled as they have been able to watch it back and it was great for them to see that their efforts got such a high profile outcome.”

The petition will now be presented to the Secretary of State who will respond to it.

Shop a Dog Campaign

News Shopper has been running a campaign against dangerous dogs this year. The campaign has successfully:

- Increased the sentence for owning a banned dog - in line with carrying a knife

- Extended the law to include dog attacks on private land - therefore protecting workers such as postmen and carers.

The campaign is also campaigning to:

- Increase the prison sentences for owners convicted of allowing their dog to attack humans.

- Force all Staffordshire Bull Terriers to wear a muzzle in public.

- Simplify the court process so that banned dogs can be destroyed immediately.