A BROMLEY man got more than he bargained for when he found a tin lid at the bottom of his sausage bap.

James McAlpine, 30, who works in The Bromley Barber Shop, in the High Street, in Bromley, bought a Breakfast Roll from bakery chain Greggs, in the same street near Bromley South Station, around 10.30am today (Nov 2).

Mr McAlpine, said: "I noticed when I bit into it and there was a metallic taste. The roll also had tomato soup all over it.

"Fortunately I looked in the brown bag it had come it and saw the sharp lid of this tin.

"If I’d scrunched up the bag to throw it away at the end I would have cut my hands and if a child had bitten into it, goodness knows what would have happened.

The barber said he rang Greggs Head Office "but they did not seem too concerned."

A Greggs spokesman said: "We are in touch with the customer and we're investigating the issue further."