Many of us don’t get much choice about where we end up living in London.

A lot of the time it will come down to where we can afford or where has the most convenient transport links for work.

But what if we could tailor the borough we live in to our lifestyle and pick where to live based on what’s most important to us? There’s an interactive map for that.

A tool has been devised which lets you select from a number of factors and then ranks the 32 boroughs by how well suited they are to you.

The London Borough Map, from recruitment agency Randstad, allows users to list a series of preferences such as happiness, green space and family-friendly, and then shows the borough which best matches your needs.

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For south London, these are some of the results from the different combinations:

Recycling + satisfaction = Bromley – “Calm and tranquil Bromley provides great shopping and entertainment in this historic borough.”

Rent, security + public transport = Lewisham – “This quirky corner of south-east London has seen a significant amount of development in recent years, with noticeable gentrification attracting a young and trendy crowd.”

New homes + happiness = Wandsworth – “Voted as one of the best places in the UK for young professionals and families to live, it’s not hard to see why Wandsworth is popular and has gained the name ‘Nappy Valley’.”

Try the tool out for yourself below:

Mark Bull, CEO at Randstad UK, said: “London is an enormous city that has 8.7m and 5.5m living and working there respectively.

“Its size and diversity means knowing where to live is slightly stressful at the best of times, and downright daunting at the worst.

“Many of us have been offered misguided advice from friends and family when house-hunting in the capital. ‘Such-and-such is the place to be’ we’re told, long after the area was declared uncool.

“That’s where this tool comes in handy. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when deciding where to live, and our priorities differ greatly depending on our lifestyle, family commitments, job and so on.

“Our interactive map lets you rank preferences such as green space, availability of rental properties and family friendliness, and then suggests the areas best suited to your specific needs.

“This can help Londoners and soon-to-be Londoners make sense of what’s often a beautiful, but sometimes confusing, city.”