Parched builders could be saved the heartache of a disappointing brew thanks to a proposed new tea insurance policy.

How many cuppas a day should be offered to builders, plumbers, electricians and other workers is an issue which divides the general public, with a survey finding 55 per cent of people do not offer hot drinks to tradespeople working in their homes.

Research also reveals customers admit to leaving the teabag in to brew for less time when making tea for a trader, with 36 per cent of customers leaving the bag in for less than 60 seconds.

The insurance policy against being offered a too-weak brew – or no brew at all – is still being developed but would offer workmen and women protection from failure to be provided with a hot drink, with an acceptable number of hot drinks relative to the length of the job, with a hot drink of acceptable strength and with access to a kettle.

Trade Direct, which is developing the policy, will also offer a ‘tea chart’ as a handy visual guide that workers who have taken out the policy can give to customers to ensure satisfaction every time the kettle is boiled.

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There is one for coffee too.

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Andrew Marlow, sales and service manager at Trade Direct, said: “It may sound trivial on paper or to someone outside of the trade, but to not be offered a hot drink or, even worse, be made one that is effectively a mug of tepid milk is a big deal to tradesmen – it’s called builders’ tea for a reason after all.”

The policy will cost £18.50 a year.

Where do you stand on this hot debate? Should tradespeople be given hot drinks while they work? Should the insurance policy be extended to other workplaces - and would you want one?