We’ve made some tough decisions in this country recently.

There was the Yes or No of the Brexit vote, Theresa May’s ‘Strong and Stable’ versus Jeremy Corbyn’s own Islington Socialism, and the current daily conundrum faced by commuters of whether to travel to work at all, sometimes in the face of advice not to from South West Trains.

Well, in the words of Brenda from Bristol: "Not another one!"

Walkers Crisps are asking us to vote again in their ‘Choose Me or Lose Me’ campaign in which we risk losing a classic crisp flavour unless the public speak up.

Smoky bacon, salt and vinegar and prawn cocktail are all under threat in a battle of the crisps, each being pitted against a new-fangled, fancy flavour from afar, including lime and black pepper (currently sold in Australia), paprika (currently sold in Spain) and bacon and cheddar (currently sold in the USA).

The final decision will be based 20 per cent on online votes cast on a dedicated website, as well as Facebook and Twitter, and 80 per cent on sales of the different flavours in the shops.

But before you’re tempted to stockpile packs of your favourite flavours, beware that Walkers have put in their terms and conditions that “any irregular, strange or otherwise suspicious bulk purchases and / or sales activity will be duly investigated and any non-genuine purchases or sales shall be excluded from the vote.”

The crisp-off will run until October 22 and if one of the classics loses we’ll no longer see it in the shops from early next year.

Many people simply cannot stomach the thought of losing any of these classic flavours, and crisp fans have taken to social media to vent their dismay, although Gary Linekar has not yet announced his preferences in this spicy debate.

Lime and black pepper not your bag? You can vote for the flavours that Walkers should keep here or on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #chooseorlose

It's all very well choosing between these flavours but we want to know which flavour you think is the King of Crisps. Tell us by voting for your favourite below...