Do you or someone you know look like Donald Trump?

If resembling a bad-tempered Oompa Loompa with crazy hair has been a bit of a curse up to now, your or their luck could be about to change.

In fact, credibly passing for the controversial 45th president of the United States could be worth £50,000 a year thanks to a job opportunity with a hospitality company that’s come up.

News Shopper:

London-based Team Tactics is offering the high salary in the hope it will find the perfect Trump lookalike for an Apprentice-themed corporate away-day.

It is searching for someone who is the tycoon-turned-politician’s double willing to commit to weekly spray tans and daily hair stylist appointments and who has the ability to stay in character for up to eight hours a day.

News Shopper:

The company says it has struggled for months to find a good likeness willing to work as a lookalike.

It puts this down to the “unpopularity of Donald Trump in the UK”, his “unique” appearance and the demands of the job.

Tina Benson, managing director at Team Tactics, said: “Whether it’s a lack of people willing to work as a lookalike or that there are a lack of people that do indeed look like him, we don’t know, but we’re willing to pay a great rate to finally be able to tell a lookalike ‘you’re hired’.

“As we all know, President Trump has yet to visit the UK as the POTUS - however, we’re excited to be making his first state visit - kind of - happen.”

News Shopper:

To apply for the lookalike job go to the Team Tactics website

If a suitable Trumpalike is found, the £50,000 salary will be broken down on a daily basis as per the popularity of the Apprentice-themed team-building event, meaning the successful candidate will earn around £200 a day.

Whether you’re interested in the job or not, we’d love to see what Donald doppelgangers are out there so add a photo of yourself or someone you know using the contribution link below.