From peaceful parks to busy high streets, there are many places in south-east London we’re all familiar with and can instantly recognise.

But even well-known sights are hard to identify when the normal views are obscured or disguised in some way.

Your challenge here is to look at the 20 photos below and see if you can spot the ‘hidden’ locations they show.

All the photos come from the News Shopper Camera Club on Facebook, where members were asked to share images on the theme of ‘things that aren't as they appear’.

We wanted pictures of roads, shopping centres, landmarks and other views that people would know but presented in such a way that it’s difficult to spot what the places are.

As you’ll see, they didn’t disappoint as we had some very clever and creative contributions.

When you’ve examined each photo, click or tap on it to flip it around and reveal the answer so you can see whether your local knowledge or complete guesswork was correct.

We very much doubt anyone will be able to get all 20 right!

News Shopper’s Camera Club is for people looking to get their photos from around south-east London and north Kent published online and in print - you can request to join the group here.

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News Shopper:

The club invites members to share their photos from around the area, as well as talk to fellow photographers, join in projects and enter competitions.

It’s a place for keen amateur photographers to post their best images from around our patch that show off just how special a place it is to live.