Dartford sits in a ‘convenient’ location close to London, Essex and the county of Kent.

It has a great park in the middle of it, it is close to country pubs and only 40 minutes from London by the train.

It is a great and interesting town, and here is News Shoppers list of seven things you will only know if you are from the town on the Thames.

  1. The Dartford Crossing can ruin your day in an instant. Traffic from the crossing spills into the town, causing jams on near enough every street.

News Shopper:

Dartford's most famous landmark

2. And it still isn’t free! It was meant to be, but it doesn’t seem to have ever happened, you probably moan about that as well.

3. You know that one of the most famous bands of all time kind-of formed at the train station – two of them went to school here as well. The Rolling Stones. That is pretty cool.

News Shopper: You're taking the Mick!

Mick Jagger 

4.You can’t go to Bluewater without mentioning how busy – or quiet – it is to everyone you know.

5. You almost certainly have had a job in the centre as well, I worked in a jewellers there for a little bit. Good times.

News Shopper:

Bluewater Shopping Centre employs about 7,000 people

6. You know Air and Breathe is called, well, Air and Breathe, but that won’t stop you from calling it Zens. Or maybe even Flicks…

7. That Tesco’s saga that has left Lowfield Street half abandoned. Some good news on that front, the council approved planning permission for some houses there earlier this year. Huzzah.