Londoners can expect some thunder this afternoon (June 12) as the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms. 

With predictions that severe weather will cause sudden flooding and even power cuts, London residents are being told to be careful. 

Thunderstorms come following days of hot weather across the region, with the capital reaching nearly 30C over the weekend. 

Now the humid air is seeing thunder and downpours appear across the nation, including London. 

The exact time a storm will hit London

For all of the afternoon and into the evening today, London will face a yellow weather warning. 

The storm is expected to arrive between 12pm and 9pm, according to the Met Office, you can follow the storm live via

With the warning in place, the public is being urged to unplug non-essential electrical appliances and to avoid outdoor activities during the storm.

As the Met Office share that if outside avoid water and find a low-lying open place that is a safe distance from trees, poles or metal objects.

Providing further details of the thunderstorm warning, the Met Office said: "Thunderstorms and torrential downpours are expected to break out across central England and Wales during Monday. 

"These will be slow moving and intense leading to some large accumulations with in excess of 30 mm in an hour for some locations and the potential for 60-80 mm or more in a few hours where thunderstorms align for a time.

"Frequent lightning and hail are likely to be additional hazards."

Away from the thunderstorms and rain, London is set to be hot, with temperatures reaching 27C and very little wind. 

From 3pm, you can expect downpours that will last until around 5pm.