Millions of households will see a pay rise in April after the DWP unveiled the new benefit rates for Universal Credit claimants.

Universal Credit is among a number of benefits, including child benefit and statutory pension, that will see payments increase in April to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Benefits will usually go up each year to keep up with inflation and in April claimants will see a 10.1% rise in payments.

The increase in payments comes as the energy price cap is set to fall by around £1,000.

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Here is how much Universal Credit payments, and other benefit payments, will rise in April.

Universal Credit (per month)

Standard allowance

  • Single under 25: £292.11, up from £265.31
  • Single 25 or over: £368.74, up from £334.91


  • Joint claimants both under 25: £458.51, up from £416.45
  • Joint claimants, one or both 25 or over: £578.82, up from £525.72

Child Benefit (per week)

  • Eldest or only child - £24.00, up from £21.80
  • Additional children - £15.90, up from £14.45

State Pension

  • Full New State Pension: £203.85, up from £185.15
  • Basic Old State Pension (Category A or B): £156.20, up from£141.85

Attendance Allowance

  • Higher rate: £101.75, up from £92.40
  • Lower rate: £68.10, up from £61.85

Disability Living Allowance / Child Disability Payment

Care Component

  • Highest: £101.75, up from £92.40
  • Middle: £68.10, up from £61.85
  • Lowest: £26.90, up from £24.45

Mobility Component

  • Higher: £71.00, up from £64.50
  • Lower: £26.90, up from £24.45

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) / Adult Disability payment

Daily Living Component

  • Enhanced: £101.75, up from £92.40
  • Standard: £68.10, up from £61.85

Mobility Component

  • Enhanced: £71.00, up from £64.50
  • Standard: £26.90, up from £24.45

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