HOLMFIRTH in West Yorkshire is best known as the setting for the popular TV series, Last of the Summer Wine, which will soon hit the stage at The Orchard Theatre in Dartford. Reporter VICKI FOSTER took a trip up north to see what it is like.

Holmfirth is like many a small town in Yorkshire, with tearooms, small independent stores and friendly locals.

But there is one thing setting this town apart from all others and that is the fact it is the home of the longest running TV series, Last of the Summer Wine, which is now in its 36th year of production.

The TV show has now transferred to stage and is being shown at the theatre in Home Gardens, Dartford, from September 3 to September 5.

Upon my arrival in Yorkshire I was impressed by the rolling countryside and modern large houses.

When I was younger and growing up watching Yorkshire through the Last of the Summer Wine, I expected to see a lot of land, a handful of drab old-looking houses and lots of elderly men looking after sheep, but what I found was quite the opposite.

I stayed in a gorgeous five star guest house, called Castle View Guest House in Huddersfield, a few miles out of Holmfirth.

The guesthouse is run by Andy and Linda who really do make you feel at home.

The duo transformed their family home into the guest house a few years ago after deciding they wanted to offer people a chance to stay in Yorkshire and get to see the real beauty behind the TV series.

The guest house is located close to The Victoria Tower on Castle Hill, which was built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria's reign and was completed in 1899.

With true Yorkshire warmth and hospitality, Andy & Linda, provide a fabulous spacious room to stay in, a three course evening meal and an amazing Yorkshire breakfast.

For your evening meal I really recommend the asparagus starter, which is asparagus wrapped in parma ham with a poached egg on top, simple and very delicious.

When staying here it would be a crime to not experience the outdoor hot tub Jacuzzi spa, where you can forget your troubles while staring into the night sky with a glass of bubbly or two.

You can also truly pamper yourself by taking advantage of the hair salon and beauty facilities.

Onto Holmfirth now and straight to Sid’s Cafe, made famous for being the regular meeting place in the TV show.

The cafe used to be a fish & chip shop and was being used as a paint store for the ironmongers next door when the BBC spotted it in 1973.

When fans of the series began coming to Holmfirth expecting to find a genuine cafe the owner decided to turn it into one.

Inside the cafe it is rather small and looks different to what can be seen in the show and an insider told me this is because most of the scenes set inside the cafe are mostly filmed inside a studio.

After enjoying a cuppa in the cafe, I joined the crowds for the Summer Wine bus tour.

This one hour tour took us all over the town and takes in spots such as the bench where the trio used to sit and the White Horse Inn in the village of Jackson Bridge just two miles away from Holmfirth, known as the Summer Wine Pub.

At the moment the town is famously known for its connections to Compo, Foggy and Clegg, however, one lady is trying to change all this.

Onita Harrison, owner of the Number 11 Restaurant and Bar, is hoping to attract people to the town by giving the town its own identity by launching Holmfirth Tea, branding the town for the first time.

The 46-year-old spent more than one year perfecting the tea and getting local opinion before settling on the perfect blend.

The mum of four said: “It is quite relaxing here and we like to make sure everyone feels at home.”

Mrs Harrison added: “I absolutely love Yorkshire, you can get anywhere and back in a day.

“People are very lovely and welcome and it is a fantastic vibrant and beautiful place.”

Mrs Harrison sells Holmfirth tea, alongside 11 other varieties of black, white, green and fruit tea.

On September 12 Holmfirth Tea will be launched across Yorkshire and will be stocked in shops and guest houses.

The launch will see the Number 11 Restaurant and Bar re-branded to Smythes Tearooms and Bistro.

For more information about Yorkshire, visit pennineyorkshire.com