Daredevil dangerous bike riders will to thrill the crowd with their stunts at the O2 next year.

The audacious performance Nitro Circus will see the best athletes in FMX, BMX, scooter and inline in front of a gasping audience at the Greenwich arena.

The tour was announced fittingly with a stunt as their star performer Travis Pastrana backflipped on a motorbike between two barges floating on the Thames in front of the iconic arena.

Named after the thing the riders undoubtedly say to themselves before they perform each ridiculous stunt, the You Got This tour will stop at the O2 on November 23, 2018.

Pastrana said. “Nitro Circus is turning me loose. With You Got This, I’m putting all of my best - and worst - ideas into one huge show. Everything I’ve ever wanted to see live, we’re taking on the road,”

“Expect bigger, brand-new ramps and even more ridiculous stunts. It’s going to be unreal. Look out, though. There might be a few rough landings.”