Unlimited cheese and mulled wine will be available for everyone who comes this Christmas event in Greenwich.

Held at the Studio 338 event space, the cheese festival’s main attraction will include a giant immersive cheese board at the venue’s newly renovated arena.

The cheese board will contain a huge variety of cheese which visitors can walk around and sample artisan cheeses from around Europe.

Ticket holders will be entitled to unlimited free cheese for the duration, as well as free biscuits and mulled wine to wash it all down.

There will also be cheesecake available for those with a sweet tooth and even some vegan options.

A festival spokesperson said: “This Christmas we are going to make it a reality. A cheesy, melty, mulled wine-fuelled reality. This is going to change your lives forever.”

The Giant Cheese Board is on December 16 from 3pm to 3am the next day at Studio 338 in Greenwich.

Tickets, which include the unlimited free cheese, biscuits and mulled wine, start at £30 plus booking fee and go on sale from November 1. For more information visit facebook.com/TheGiantCheeseBoard.